Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delish salad with Tofu cheese

Hello everybody!
Well, I'm making this salad not for the first time...I usually make it with Feta cheese but however, we are fasting and it means no diary products. So, I decided to experiment with Tofu. It turned out great by the way :-)

The Ingredients
First of all put lettuce on a plate. I had a spring mix but You can use any lettuce you want. (by the way if you're using's OMG!!! AMAZING!!! )
- Lettuce
- 1 small onion (cut it in rings)
-1 cucumber (cut in rings)
-1 bell pepper (cut in strips)
-1 tomato (cut)
-1 cup tofu cheese (cut)
-2 tbl spoons olive oil
-3 tbl  spoons glazed balsamic

Just put all the ingredients on a plate, top with Tofu cheese and sprinkle with olive oil and glazed balsamic. That's it!

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