Saturday, January 28, 2012

Authentic Russian Bird's Milk cake recipe

For dough:
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
For cream:
1.5 oz (40 g) gelatin
1 cup milk
10.5 oz butter
10 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 tbsp flour
For glazing:
5 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp milk
0.5 cup sugar
3-4 tbsp butter
To make the crust, whip all of the dough ingredients together.
Pre-heat an oven to 380-400 F (180-200 C).
Cover a baking sheet with baking paper, pour the dough on it, and bake for about 5-7 minutes.
Then, cut the crust into same-sized and same-shaped pieces, and set aside to cool.
To make the cream, soak the gelatin in 150 g (5.5 oz) warm water, and let sit for 30 minutes (or heat in a microwave for 2 minutes).
Mix the egg yolks with 1 cup of sugar, then add the milk, pour 1 tbsp flour, and stir well.
Steam (to avoil burning) until you bring the mix to boil.
Then, let cool to warm, add the butter and vanilla, and whip.
Heat the soaked gelatin, then cool.
Whip the egg whites with 1 cup sugar, and pour the gelatin into the whipped mix.
Stir well.
Whip the egg white mix and egg yolk mix together.
Construct the cake:
Cover one layer of crust with a thick cream layer, cover with the next crust layer
To make the glazing, stir the milk, cocoa, sugar, and butter, and bring them to boil, then let them cool to warm.
Pour glazing over the cake, and place in a refrigerator to thicken for 2 hours.
Decorate as you like.


  1. Privet Mila, tvoy blog prosto super.

  2. What is the history of this unusually named cake, Mila?

    1. Okay, apparently it's not an authentic Russian dish...that's what I found on Wikipedia - In Poland, Jan Wedel, owner of the E. Wedel Company, developed the first Ptasie mleczko in 1936.[2] Wedel's inspiration for the name of the confectionery came from his voyages to France, when he asked him self: "What could bring greater happiness to a man who already has everything?" Then he thought: "Maybe only bird milk.".

  3. Hi Mila,
    Can we use powdered sugar? Please, let me know. Yuri.

  4. Hi Mila,
    Also could you use whipped butter?
    And If we use powdered sugar instead of regular, should we use the same amount?

    1. Hi, I believe you can use whipped butter, I'm not so sure about the powdered sugar though... Let me know how it turned out! :-)