Monday, August 29, 2011

Eggplant and Cheese Rolls

It's a delicious southern-russian appetizer
1 large eggplant
1 4oz container shredded cheese
1 Tablespoon fresh dill
2 cloves garlic, crushed
3 tbl spoons mayo
olive oil
Cut off ends of eggplant. Cut into 1/4 inch thick pieces, lengthwise. Lay on paper towels and sprinkle with a little salt. Let sit for a half hour. Rinse with cold water to remove salt and bitter juice.
Brush eggplant with a little olive oil on each side and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on each slice. . Fry in a large skillet until lightly browned on both sides with adding of more olive oil. ( be prepared to do a couple batches.)
Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine cheese, dill, garlic and mayo.Add a little olive oil if mixture is too dry.
Spread a small amount on each piece of eggplant.
Then roll eggplant, starting with the large end first. Secure with toothpicks.

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